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Saturday, August 18, 2012

We Interrupt this Previously Scheduled Journey

Hello everyone. I am hopping on here for a brief update .  I am in a holding pattern right now as far as the weight loss journey.  I am holding at 227 ( which is still an all time low) so I could deal with a small un-welcomed and uninvited situation... a Kidney infection. EWWWW!  Four weeks ago I noticed an annoying nagging ache in my left side back, chalking it up to over working something so I didn't think much about it, Until about two weeks ago I woke up nauseous as well.   Well in our house there is always something transitioning or growing or changing, Of all weeks it was my hubby's job, which also meant insurance change ( insurance for a short season) so I figured, hey I better stay on top of this and go in "just in case" before the insurance runs out....ding ding ding we have a winner (well not really it is a CURSE that isn't allowed in my house...humph) .  So given a  "sit down" by the good doctor and take it easy, with an antibiotic presciption I figured this would go quickly. Week One and no improvement and gallons of water and umpteen glasses of cranberry cocktail (organic cranberry juice and ACV ), I ended up with a second antibiotic prescription (Ciprofloxacin).. Three days into this antibiotic the ache was gone, but in its place was an unbearable pain, like a charlie horse times ten in my back and hips and a Stiff painful neck, crampy calves  to boot...WHAT .ummmm no Thank YOU! I was thinking, KIDNEY Stone. (Why must we entertain the worst thought possible) I hadn't ever felt anything so painful (And I have delivered 4 children, one via C-Section). Finally Friday after not sleeping a couple nights and consulting the doctor, We headed for the ER.  I have never had to go to the hospital ER for anything, but it seemed like the answer.  I have to admit despite being in pain, the ER experience was a pleasant one ...especially with hubby around he keep me laughing, even though it hurt to breathe let alone laugh and super nice people.  Given a designer airy outfit (aka: hospital gown) I was subjected to poking prodding (oh and being hit in the side by the ER doc...OWWWWW)  and big circular machines that took pictures of your internal organs (CT scan) ...IV's, Cath, pain meds..and all really fast!   The results are in and..... NOTHING!  Okay so maybe that should have been a positive answer, but now I was left with out a "reason" for all the pain.  Even the infection was cleared up! All my praying friends were rejoicing and I was questioning, Okay Lord now what??? (just being honest here). I was sent home with the pain cut only in half by morphine , muscle relaxer and Vicodin.   My weakness is that I want to know the reason things aren't working and WHY.   God might see me as the questioning 2 year old...why is the sky blue, why did does the dog bark? God why didn't anything show up??  If it was a miracle, then WHY am I still hurting? Why is it so hard for me just to receive?  Well I loaded up on the medication for the night hoping to get some sleep (well I got a little more) ...then I had an unction? a look up my symptoms with the ANTIBIOTIC I was on...hmmmmm .  Opens up computer , types in symptoms and Cipro and BINGO>>>OH MY! (The muscle spasms, neck pain all under SEVERE Side Effects)  I am so thankful for a God who gives direction.  I did NOT take another dose, talked to my physician and started replacing the nutrients that had been stripped out of my system....Already a 50 percent improvement!!!!  WOW!  I am thankful for the prayers, support , and agreement of so many amazing people and A heavenly Father that loves me and is working with me right where I am, pulling me up to be who I am supposed to be in him, but one that after reading the dangers of this toxic antibiotic, saved me from a severe situation.  I am so ready to be back at the gym soon!  I am healed NOW...Today is my NOW!   I'll check in soon with more encouraging news :)


NOTE: After reading about how many people have been so negatively effected by the antibiotic I wonder at its continued frequent use in the medical field.  If you are reading this  and have suffered or are suffering from side effects of Cipro there is HOPE.  Talk to your doctor right away,  start replacing the magnesium that is stripped out of your body, water, multi V, milk thistle for cleaning out / supporting your liver. Trust God for direction to get you on the path to health.