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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What am I... a Pretzel?

Well today marks a new episode in the hilarious adventures of weight loss, my first trip into the world of Yoga "like" activity.  I told my mom I would go with her to an "EASY" (ha) stretch and relax class this morning, why not I mean I did double water classes yesterday I could do something easy-ish this morning.  Well I was ready, I had put on my comfy workout clothes, grabbed my water bottle, laced up the sneakers, and headed out.  Now,  I was not really sure what to expect but I wasn't afraid for I had conquered (well I mean I had went to) the Body Sculpt class, the Gym, The Zumba Class, the Aqua Zumba Class, Deep Water Fitness, Ballroom Dancing, and one Body Combat class, THIS WOULD BE A BREEZE !   The first clue that this would be different should had been what was on people's feet...WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES PEOPLE???  (oh Dear) Lets just say NO ONE was wearing tennis shoes or ...ahem socks.  Wow that would mean we could be barefoot....woo hoo , sign me up!!!  Next you grab a mat (hey no problem, I'm familiar with those) and a ....BELT??? Are we strapping ourselves down?  We also grab Two purple foam blocks that look like bricks...OH MY word its like Pre- K gone wild, hahaha.  Now the lights are dimmed and soft music is playing, Nap time? I am getting sleepy!   The workout starts off with head rolls and arm stretches, oh yes I can do this...little did I know what lurked ahead.  I was keeping up until I heard the teacher say "Now thread the needle".  What needle??? Then it all becomes so clear, impossibly clear.  Take your right foot and put it up under your left arm while extending your left leg back, Am I supposed to move like that??? I don't MOVE LIKE THAT! Thankfully there were some first timer modifications...hehehe (now that I could handle).  Twisting, rotating, balancing and more of the like were causing me to "relax" so much the sweat was pouring down my face, hahahaha.  I did really enjoy the balancing and could do that quite well, yay.  OH right the belt and the blocks, the belt was another little beginner assistance tool,  for holding your positions...the blocks were for propping under those place where it was impossible to reach to correct positions (but hey I only had to use them once, score).  Of course the blocks were fun to stack as well...giant building block towers (no I didn't, I resisted the  I will admit the class was not too bad, though they do have some crazy names for the stretch positions you hold: cat, downward dog, tabletop, tree, cow, thread the needle, to name a few. (Someone created these while on the family farm I am sure).  Last but not least we got to the "relax" part.... relax every muscle in your body and head to your "happy" place. Well you all know where I went right??  THE BEACH, of course.  Well so much for my easy class hahaha, but  I will probably do this one again with a few personalizations,  such as my own mat (I can scent it with a smell other than sweat..ewwwy), definitely flip flops, and stretch band instead of belt. ( I will say I have developed a deeper admiration for a sweet friend of mine who does her Yoga (and hers being the "real" deal ) workouts while OVERCOMING cancer...She is amazing.)

Home I went to work on some more school planning for the year. This year I fully intend to (okay maybe partially) shed the nickname of Homeschool Nazi Mom, given to me by my best friend...I even ventured out an bought a FUN plan book (see the photo, its Dr. Suess).  I also have another driving teenager, my older son finished his "In Car" portion of drivers Ed with flying colors...YAY?  hahaha. I foresee a trip to the DMV very soon.

Oh I almost forgot: Remember my extract post, where I was making different food extracts?  The results are in. The  Vanilla extract turned out really well, So did the citrus ones (lemon and orange)...the coconut one...BLEH, FAIL .  The almond needs a bit of tweaking, but I predict that one will be a good one as well.    Today of course I obtained another large bottle of Vodka, for projects of course :).  More experimenting to do!!!

Happy Pre-Wednesday




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