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Saturday, February 18, 2012

L is for LOVE

Baking in a crock pot?

Extracting the Right Stuff

Battle of the "NEW" Better Homes Cookbooks

Yes, look the title is the same, but it is in NO way the same cookbook  (smile).  The one on the left is the OLD (1960's ) edition, the one on the right is the newer "New" cookbook (1990's ) .  I remember being so excited and inspired as a new bride by the book "I had to have"  to be a good wife. I always loved my mom's, the symbol of good houswifery (is that a word) hahaha.  Once compared the differences were MANY.  The servings were much larger in the older version, the newer one only served 4 (guess they thought families were smaller in the 90's), then lets talk about ingredients,  In the 1960's book you actually had to make the ingredients, while in the 1990's one the ingredient list contains things like "can of soup" or instant this or that. hahahaa.  No wonder our young ladies no longer feel inspired, no longer no how to make a white sauce base,  learn the cuts of meat and what they are for etc .... BUT one thing these two books do not battle about is this recipe...CARAMEL ROLLS (okay except for the servings..1960's made enough for a family of 6 vs a family of four, but from there out....
Of course since our household has enough people to combine both recipes, I doubled it :).  To the left is the caramel goodness that goes on the bottom, of course we can NOT have nuts on all of them...hence the half a pan .  This is the base that you lay the yeasty rolls on to raise....ummmm
See this...yesssssss Cinnamon, sugar, and butter ready to roll up, slice and raise again!   I have to say this IS one of my favorite homemade breakfast rolls.
Now for the cheater trick...I did not want to bake these the night before...I wanted them to be fresh in the morning, so  put in the pan cover and slow raise in refrigerator or cold room over night! I have the perfect place for this ...especially in the winter months.
Voila! they are puffed up and ready to bake in the morning!.....Pop these in the preheated oven and bake!
....then pop them out on a big tray .  I told one of my best friends, dough is easy to make, but can be very dangerous. This is obvious evidence of the dangers...hahahahaha.  Now you can do this "cheater style" using the Large canned biscuits, but it isn't quite the same. You can just pop open the biscuits lay on the caramel goodness and bake.

So scrumptious and delicious...where is my coffee??


Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Right Song at the right Time

 Do you ever hear a song that just hits you square between the eyes? The one that makes you jerk awake, spirit singing, jump about of bed, run into the bathroom, scare your husband (who is shaving for church), grab his Ipod to see WHO is singing and WHAT the song is called.... (He thought I was coming to smack him...why I don't know.   Anyway here is the song...for me it was like aloe gel on a Sunburn..or wait (that can be cold...) A warm sudsy bubble bath.    Whether it touches your heart like it does mine, I don't know, but I couldn't go without sharing another second!

I adore you! Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir  

Happy Sunday Morning